About Us

Chairman's word

Since 1985, We have continued our activites all over the world, specializng in many different sectors.
As our customers know, we stand behind every product we manufacture, market or represent.
Our professional staff, which is no different from a family working with the same enthusiasm and determination of the first day, will continue to grow in the future with new investments and projects.

Arslan Kızak


Our partners with whom we work together

Uğur Onur

Lead Architect – Project Manager

Nurcan Kızak

Microbiologist & General Secretary

Ö. Muhittin Erdem

Laboratory Equipment Specialist

Kemal Nişancı

Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Ali Nişancı

Electrical Engineering Consultant

Saeed Farhan

Coordinating Architect

Yalçın Atılgan

Physics Engineer, Hospital Project Specialist & Technical Consultant